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Re: Like an Unsheathed Sword

I don't recall ever having you at one of my seminars? sorry couldn't help myself. Haven't been giving seminars as the matter of fact, but I recognize the vanity of catching a glimpse of my self in the dark windows of winter- especially while holding a sword. I try to explain it as my interest in optimizing my form and posture, but I must admit that more often than not I slip and just enjoy the cool look of me..

We are all just people. I strive to become a better person, but it's not an easy path to follow. I have also done my fair share of too hard pins and giving in to vanity, but it is indeed sad when those we hope to model fall short of the standards we assumed they were modelling for us.

I guess we just have to take the best from every one we meet and strive to be ever better - but also strive to accept the shortcomings of those senseis. If we expect them to be perfect then we set ourselves up for disappointment.

Finally it is a good point not to completely release the pin the just because somebody taps out - but of course one should strive to never pin harder than what the other person is able to take. As somebody stated in a different thread - (and I'm paraphrasing) Aikido can be very traumatizing if the actions of tori is not adapted to the ability of the uke. NEVER should we force somebody beyond what they can cope. Being a good sensei however does entail on the rare occasion to make people press the envelope just a bit.

I'm rambling.. will do my best to stop now and go back to piles of work less interesting than posting my verbal image on this text equivalent of the mirrors I soooo much love to glare into.

Great day to everyone.


- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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