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Kevin Wilbanks
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I still think all these purported counter-opinions are veering off track. My complaint isn't about people who won't train at a breakneck pace, it isn't about people who lack exceptional fitness, and it isn't about people with weak or uncommitted attacks. The complaint is about people who show up to class but leave their heart at home, or wherever - it's about passion, engagemement, awareness, the quality of being alive and present. This might manifest itself in various aforespecified ways, or in others - but it seems obvious to me when I experience it. I don't see how making excuses for and encouraging limp and unenthusiastic attitudes in fellow students is of any benefit to anyone. I think if you aren't serious, but show up out of habit or the unspecified desire to be part of a group, you are wasting other trainees' time and should be made uncomfortable, not coddled in your lameness.
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