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Re: For those who wonder how to use aikido against fast punching

I'd like to echo what others have said about the context of the art and the skills developed within it as well as the likelihood of fighting a competent boxer. It all comes down to self-defence vs contest. If we begin to incorporate boxing training methods then naturally it becomes about contest - who has the faster reactions, better feet movement and head movement, who hits harder, who has the crisper technique etc. Self-defence is not about a contest of durability, speed or technique. From the majority of CCTV footage I've seen of street fights most people throw wild haymakers, they don't 'box'. If someone gets into a fight its normally because they see the red mist and lose control in a rush of blood to the head. Professional boxers and MMA fighters train deliberately in order to fight 25-30 minutes. They condition their bodies to be able to endure an incredible amount of punishment and develop their stamina and cardio accordingly to make sure they're the ones with enough energy to push on in the latter rounds of the fight to give them that edge. Street fights don't go 30 minutes. They're spontaneous acts of violence and will probably only last a couple of minutes realistically before someone gets seriously injured. People who get into fights are often inebriated or have insecurity issues, which they over-compensate for. They are not professional martial artists or combat athletes who've dedicated their lives to the sports of boxing or MMA.
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