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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Macrobiotic Diet

I was comparing work-related lifting and movement, to just lifting weights... the general, conventional sense of weightlifting in a sport environment, on a flat, even surface, as opposed to walking, climbing and otherwise moving across varying terrain while bearing loads. The former requires many gross- and fine adjustments to adapt to the changes in the ground surface, topography, load shifting, etc.

The horticultural/gardening work I do isn't "weight lifting," either, but it builds strength and bone density as a result of a lot of low-impact load bearing. I also try to incorporate. as best I can, support and movement that is different from conventional body movement and use, in nearly everything I do, including load-bearing and tasks that ordinarily would employ upper-body and arm muscles, such as pruning with pull-cut saws, cutting with machetes and hatchets, and shoveling/pitchforking mulch and compost. It's not muscular strength that allows me to perform this work for hours on end without exhaustion, but the ability employ other processes that support each other and make movement more efficient and less reliant on muscle power.

It would be really fascinating to know how Morihei Ueshiba was using his body, when he returned to doing farm work.
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