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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Now we have yet another series of teachers out their teaching them that it is GOOD idea to connect that mess of a someone else's center...and call THAT internal power.
Good grief!! You're screwed before you even start.

All of this gets some traction because it is easier and the visual tools work at a certain point in martial art cooperative kata thingies. Meet someone who is even moderately connected..and you...are screwed. It's just another the wrong direction. Sadly, people keep falling into traps that lead away from the one true essential: create a center, build dantian, then create a hidden dantian that makes change internally that makes change throughout all of the bodies tissues and thereafter the body's surfaces, that offer unending aiki opportunities at any contact point. It's the only away to achieve true "no force" that can be offered at any contact point just by you moving.
I suppose I'd have to ask, how are you connecting the Dantien out to the extremities so that its power, whether hidden or overt, is expressed cleanly?
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