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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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Oh man, I wish. . . . Maybe, someday -- if not in this life, then the next.

It certainly *helped* blacksmithing, and better still for carrying wood and building stone walls, and better yet again for cutting 3" trees with two handed Katana, and then 16" Kukris, and..
Better still for Aiki.
Sagawa was right.
AIki si about changing the body. Only amateurs think you can learn aiki through techniques.

Yet sadly we read things like this from another thread:
It is important to understand that consciously trying to get KOKYU RYOKU or KI will not produce the desired results, but only frustration. It is therefore best to enjoy training every day, and not think about things that will come by themselves when the time is right.
Virtually ....all...of the planets higher level arts had specific solo drills to beuild the body and create kokyu and generate ki. Sitting around waiting for it to gradually happen in waza is why so many 25-45 years along the path teachers...are training with me. better way.
Hence the above quotes Sagawa Saying
"Aiki is about changing the body. Only amateurs think they can learn it through techniques."

Sagawa admits he lied to his own students and did not teach them the truth, and here we see his number one student teaching in Japan, with no explanations and largely through? Techniques. I watched something like this happen with my own eyes. So have others. So we need to be kind to folks, just like ourselves who were for the most part never taught what it really takes. When, good Lord when, are we going to wise up and realize that we have to help ourselves? We need to build bridges between the arts and with each other to turn this ship around, care more about substance than some rank offered by an organization and take charge of our own training.
I give credit to Ueshiba. He at least talked about what it took, brought in an anatomy book to try and make a connection to the lectures, and he....created men (pre-war) who had it. At least he got it and tried to pass it on.
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