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Krystal Locke
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Re: For those who wonder how to use aikido against fast punching

In a handful of years of bouncing, maybe a couple three hundred fights witnessed and dealt with, I have ended up with a drawer full of knives, knuckles, and other various weapons. I have had one knife pulled on me, half in showing off and half in a desire to mess me up, and one person telling me they had a gun and would use it on me if I bounced them (it wasnt true and he bounced all the way to another country when he landed...). I have seen no weapons used in the fights I've stopped or have seen stopped. We do a pretty good job of finding and removing weapons in the patdown line.

I dont know if I (and the company I work with) am lucky or we just have a good program for preventing weapon related violence. But I am certainly not complaining.
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