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Re: Macrobiotic Diet

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I agree... if one just lifts weights, one learns only how to lift weights. When we're doing physical labor of the different kinds described earlier, there are other factors involved, including changes in the terrain, shifting of weight/mass in the loads being carried, etc. We develop the proprioception needed to make the necessary changes in our bodies to accommodate the changes in the environment around us and in the nature of the different work we are doing.
Except that "lifting weights" doesn't just mean what you think it means. You might be surprised if you were to look at the breadth of what is strength training today, rather than superficial impressions of it. You seem to believe that all "lifting weights" takes place in racks that limit the range of motion and isolate the work to one individual muscle group. That's just not so. Many strength training regimens are specifically designed around a goal of functional strength, not bulking up isolated muscle groups.

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
Weight lifting has the specific purpose of building muscular strength and bulk, and increasing bone density. It's not a secret that even very elderly people can benefit significantly from an appropriate level of weight training.
Vehicles have the specific purpose of traveling over paved roads, typically at speeds between 35 and 70 mph. They are not suited at slower or faster speeds, off roads, over water or through the air.
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