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Scott Harrington
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Re: Sokaku Takeda footage


Many years ago I ran into a translation of many of the Daitokan newsletters into English. Unknown translator - did a great job. Much of Pranin's stuff regarding Sokaku Takeda comes from this material which is basically stories by the late headmaster Tokimune Takeda.

The material gives a different view of Sokaku than some stuff out there. Comes across as a man who loves training in the martial arts, trapped in the samurai age as the whole country transforms into the 20th century western model.

Literally, he went from surviving the Boshin War with swords against guns to seeing Japan being bombed by Doolittle and the Japanese Navy defeated at Midway.

Even though Sokaku taught extensively military and police, there seems to be little hard copy on him. Pranin has done a hard job well.

Scott Harrington
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