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Re: Name that uke, round two....

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear James,
Isoyama Sensei is doing both Kata[Shoulder]Guruma [Wheel] and and a body slam from a shoulder height postion.In Kata guruma the body of uke should travel in an arc like circular motion,In this demo clearly Isoyama Sensei dumps his uke on occasion onto the tatami.Cheers.Joe.
Thanks, Joe, but I still don't see the technique I am used to, though, of course, I'll take your expertise as a given.

The kataguruma I am used to involves taking uke from behind, grasping his collar, bending nages knees, then coming up (sometimes with an assist to uke with the other, free hand) and rolling uke over nage's shoulders. I hope this explanation makes sense? When it was done to me, I rolled over nage's shoulders and landed, light as a feather, on my feet. A truly joyful experience - not a slam in sight.

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