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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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Now we're talking.... Can you two PLEASE keep this part of the thread going? I can see the potential mechanics of dual opposing spiral movement much more clearly having considered and expanded the scissors model, and the model strongly reminds me of shearing movements I can use directly and immediately in my aikido, but I still dont know what it is that is moving in the dual opposing spirals in IP. Is it my limbs, a sequence of internal muscles/physical structures contracting/activating, or is it something else?
I laid out my ideas a few pages back. Neither I or anyone who has trained with me, Ark, or Mike, recognizes anything that Eric talks about. He uses different parts and pieces that work in opposition to his own other pieces to make theories that contradict themselves and cancel each other out in whole body movement.
But we could "talk about it" for years. Are you really interested in something that works? Really?
Want to get past talking about it?

Lets host a joint seminar.
Eric's Scientific model of aiki
Dan's Model of aiki

The bottom line is simple. Beyond all debate and lengthy and discussion:
1. The results of his theories (of what Ueshiba was doing) produced him, right?
2. The results of my theories (of what Ueshiba was doing) produced me, right?

Let's find out which model produced results that were amazing, exceptional, unusual or different.
You could even scan the internet and find out who has met us both and what they had to say. You know, sort of like buying car. Consumer reports and all that. Maybe that might help you decide.

Do you want unusually powerful skills? Who feels like what?
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