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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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Most folks can learn to do that on a biofeedback machine although I admit I'm not sure how many degrees - I did some temperature shifting, yes demonstrated with a handheld thermometer, via visualization/somaticisation of moving ki specifically as part of migraine treatment (the idea being, in TCM, that there is a need to decrease blood flow/heat in the head and increase it in the hands when there is migraine present). I admit that I don't work on it that much since the migraine meds are so danged effective...but point holds, it isn't that hard to learn to effect your autonomic nervous system (which is what controls the peripheral vascular system)
I remember reading something about that in an article on biofeedback, years ago.
I wonder whether there's a point in here... that once you know the components of the "what" and the "how," it "isn't that hard to learn..." Sokaku Takeda said something along those lines with aiki - that it's too easy to learn, so don't tell any foreign folk how to do it.

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