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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Well, Endo sensei uses words very thoughtfully. He is very carefull about what he says, because it is often connected to certain thoughts or texts with a daoist or buddhist background. And he is revising the texts - both: Japanese and English - of his videos.

As I said before: Even if colliding is the right word, feeling still is very soft and the experience of this "collision" is not hard or hurting in any way. So maybe it is this softness that you see.

When I am talking about clash or blending it is not about hard and soft or things like that. But it is only about technical aspects, about how a connection is made.
The blades of scissors are opposing forces that clash, and collide in a sense, but if they actually impact one another they jam and are obviously working wrong. They have a still point of connection where one is fixed and the other in rotation -- and a moving point of connection that advances on a line. Their action is soft, connected, meshing, blended and they do not harm one another at all, --- but they destroy anything that comes between them.


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