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Re: Can't find yonkyo

Hi all,
Yes I do yonkyo slightly differently, and I do not rely on pain compliance to perform the technique.
Start from Migi hanmi & Uke attacks with Ai hanmi, proceed with ikkyo, when you have stepped in with the left foot taking uke`s balance, now at this point slip your left hand down uke`s arm to your right hand which should be gripping Uke`s wrist firmly.
Now raise uke`s arm as in bokken suburi, but as you raise the arm uke`s elbow should be pointing straight upwards twist your hips towards uke (to the left) and as you cut downwards turn your hips to the right and imagine that uke`s elbow is the tip of a bokken and cut it toward the floor, keep twisitng the hips until uke is down.
In the ura version, as you are about to cut downwards perform tenkan off the left foot and twist your hips outwards away from uke, the cutting motion and the tenkan together will whip uke around you.
None of this is performed witth the thought of making uke compliant through pain. It is the hip turns and cutting motion that makes uke down.

Hope this helps,

Andy B

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