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Re: Macrobiotic Diet

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If the foundation of a macrobiotic diet is eating unprocessed local foods in season, why the emphasis on highly processed and not local miso and tofu, and minimally processed but usually dried and stored for months if not years beans? Go look outside. What is at hand? Eat that.
Is this meant as a counter-argument for what I said or as a statement against macrobiotics as a whole?

Eat what is available and grown in your own area is a macrobiotic priciple. So what is your point?

The same Osensei who bitched about weight training had a saltwater drinking contest that he blamed for the liver disease which killed him. I wish folks would not see Osensei as the gold standard for everything. He was a flawed human who did some things very well and other things not so well, who learned and grew and made huge mistakes, and who deserves respect and appreciation, but not blind adulation.
The man died at the respectable age of 86. At such an age it is not uncommon for someone to have a decease like cancer. There is an anecdote where he himself states that it was from a saltwater drinking contest. It is however not from a doctor or from medical tests. In fact - drinking salt water is not considered as a common cause of cancer (although it cann't be very healthy either).

The point of the story about O Sensei and his student who started one day lifting weights, is that O Sensei did not know that his student started doing this. It was when the student returned to the dojo that O Sensei sensed something had changed in the students body, in the way his student felt as he threw him. It was then that he told his student to stop whatever it was that he was doing.

This concurs with my own experiences - students that combine Aikido are slower, even weaker in a sense,

I do not know who these folks are that you are referring to who blindly adulate him (people in your own dojo?), personally I am all too aware that all humans are flawed, even if they happen to be a genius as O Sensei. But for the things that he showed and taught he deserves our gratitude, respect and appreciation.


ps. by the way, English is not my native language - perhaps you could give a description of what you mean by the word "bitched" ?

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