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Re: 83 year old aikido black belt repels home invader.

Daniel James wrote: View Post
Hi Everyone,
I asked Jutta for some follow up after this traumatic event. Its sobering stuff. here is the link
Pretty good read for folks who dont know what a physical altercation or personal assault is like. She has captured the negative side of an adrenaline rush pretty well, and is still clearly feeling some of the psychological effects, jumping from the carpets to the credit cards to the invasiveness of the media to needing the light in the hall on.....

I wonder how her fellow is doing, but she wouldn't be wrong to keep the media off of him. He's got to be dealing with some nasty stuff, too, since he actually injured someone, intentionally or not, self-defense or not.

Sounds like the intruder got caught pretty handily and is where he needs to be....
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