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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
I am trying to figure out whether you think this is something specific for Aikido or for a specific style of Aikido or for Endo shihan, ...
I have never experienced atari the way Endo sensei teaches it with a teacher not having a background in Endo's aikidō.

... whether or not there is a difference for you between musubi and "blending".
For me there is a difference between blending and atari.

The video itself does not help to clarify the counter argument. Perhaps you care to elaborate?
atari to me means more or less connecting via "opposing" forces. (see the example I tried to give Mary: Pressing one's palm against one's fist.) This for me comes near to what can be called clash.
Short spoken there are two general types of atari: atari initiated by tori like shown In the video. (-> Excersices where uke "stands still" first and tori "presses" against him.) Or atari the atari can be initiated by uke. (-> Excersices where tori "stands still" first and uke presses against him. This is a setting like in most ki-Tests I know.)

musubi to me means more or less connecting via "adjusting" forces. Bringing different forces together and creating one new out of different ones. This to me has more of blending, merging, or - to use the direct translation - to knot together of different forces.

Sorry for answering so late: I overlooked your posting.
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