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Re: learning aikido & tai chi

[quote="David Fisher (Carry Tiger)"

...We tend not to practice with repetition as the basis for learning. Sure, Sensei demonstrates the technique several times for the practitioners to view. However, we practice this for a few minutes before Sensei moves us on to a variation, then a variation of the variation, etc. If you miss the fundamentals then you find yourself confused, frustrated, or worst of all faking the move with speed as your cloak.

So here's the question: Is this the method for teaching aikido? Is it my Sensei, who is very accomplished and gentle in his teaching?Is it me?[/QUOTE]IMHO

I might be just talking out of my ass here but aikido is taught that way because it is not linear and not subject to left brain segregative thinking. If a teacher allows you too much time on a particular technique it's human nature to try to segregate the technique into basic components. Now instead of practicing a technique with your complete Being part of your consciousness/energy is divided into rationalizing the movements, and you're no longer practicing aikido and flowing.

In a perfect world during class you should be only analyzing the waza when Sensei demostrates it in front of the class and then when you practice with your partner you just do it. After class you can review what you've learned in your minds eye and try to soldify your intellectual grasp on a technique.

Aikdio is intuitve and flowing, trust the technique, trust yourself.

Peace and Blessings.

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