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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
If you want to talk about personal, look at any post where Dan talks to me. You will see him several times in each post making little comments and quips about me.

Here is a quote where Dan says some stuff about my teacher, and my teachers teacher. It doesn't get much more personal then that. These are people I care about, and Dan makes totally unsubstantiated claims.

So Dan, which of my teachers teachers did you "bounce" around? What is his name? I am in his lineage, so I would like to know who it was. There is no need to keep his name secret, so who was it, I can ask him and learn what he has to say in the next few days.

You can't have it both ways. Either you want to have a real discussion here on the internet, which is where you spend lot's of your time. Which is what we are here to do. Or you can get out from behind your computer and meet with me in person.

It is personal, I am from a fighting lineage. I am expected by those who taught me to stand up for myself and my school. Dan, I say you make up stories and are to scared to come out from behind your computer and show me what you claim to know. If you have any martial ability at all this shouldn't bother you, you should be happy to show me my error. Publicly in front of anyone who is interested in seeing what "real IP" looks like.

I've had enough of this.
I see you talking alot about spirit and about your teacher and all you think this is the best way for you to represent your teacher and to show people your claim that you are in touch with your spirituality?

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