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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
There was one on one of the Chen;s on aikiweb maybe 5-7 years ago too, by someone from Stanford, I think. I remember the authors being puzzled how the guy was generating forces 14x his body weight.
Is that the same person who was not just Chen, but also Xingyi? I have a link to a video or two of him somewhere, Hunter. IIRC, it was mentioned that it was his Xingyi-trained fajin that was being observed in a Stanford study done by kinesiology grad students. One video measured power output, and in the other they were using motion-capture equipment to try to figure out what kinds of movements he was making when he emitted fajin.

The sensors were able to pick up only gross motor movement -- the external manifestations of his internal power actions. Since the students evidently weren't aware that he was doing something other than conventional athletics-type movement, they wouldn't have considered that they'd need sensors that could track movement in his dantien, mingmen, diaphragm/torso cavity, etc. (dunno if the technology can do that). So they were just as baffled at his power after the experiment as before.

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