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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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So why is it that you won't meet me in person????
I would love to see what ALWAYS happens. Yet when you find someone like me, who openly states that what you are saying doesn't add up, you stay behind your computer instead of meeting with me publicly so you can show what you claim.
As this debate has gone on, I have gotten a lot of emails. Emails from people like me, who said you did the same thing to them, you made outrageous claims, then wouldn't let them come to your seminars.

If you don't want to meet me at a seminar, I would be happy to meet with you anytime you're in California. I would love to "touch hands" with you. As a professional martial artist shouldn't you be interested in making that happen?? I claim that all the "work" you have done is for not. I guess you could simply "sit behind your computer" and argue with me. Or you could show me, but you'd have to leave the keyboard to do that, Dan...
If you personalize everything makes it hard to have a meaningful conversation. Come on, man.
A few posts back you stated If I want to validate what I am saying here's my meeting you. Isn't that overly self-inflated as a value? Is that really an intelligent or fair response?
I have met 1,500 People who were both polite and professional over meeting you. I will also take the 17 Shihan and 6 6th dans and 52 go dans, Daito ryu Kyoju Dairi, Bjj regional and National champs Established fighters and Judo people...on an on. Shouldn't you mention that. I know you know that. Aren't you interested in open and fair discourse?
I don't need your approval for what I and hundreds of others are testifying to and writing about. Sorry, but your opinion has what kind of value in comparison to them? Speaking of which, why is it that you never...ever...mention all those other people who have met me, Sam, Ark or Mike and what they have written?
Do you think so little of them that their opinions have no value to you? For that reason alone I would walk away from meeting you. I met various teachers *precisely* because others were talking about them. I figured, they must know something I didn't.

Try to be fair. Say this to yourself.
I and a few others have made Dan angry or not trust us, so he won't meet us. But he has met over 1,500 people world wide, so I guess he is open.
That's more fair and accurate Chris.
Then, go meet other internal guys. Try to find someone who can actually use it though.
Good luck in your training

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