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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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As this debate has gone on, I have gotten a lot of emails. Emails from people like me, who said you did the same thing to them, you made outrageous claims, then wouldn't let them come to your seminars.

I claim that all the "work" you have done is for not.
wow, all this "work" is for not... why? There is another thread talking about Dan being the best martial artist, but it wasn't just based on skill, the other reasons given were the heart and spirit he has and his desire to teach and show.

Many of us don't have this IP/IS thing. So let's just say you're as good an athlete as Dan and can do what he does and you do have it. So now what? What other values are you portraying that would make people want to learn from you? If it is just good athletics then many of us want to learn it... therefore it isn't for naught. So who should we seek out? The difference maker is that there are a growing number of people who like Dan, Sam and Ark. The want to teach this stuff and are great at it and they're great people.

You come across as an angry child cause people aren't playing in your sandbox..

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