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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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Anyway, if people hate mystical explanations than I wonder what they think of Ueshiba?
They couldn't say much about him back then. That's because he proved it. Make no mistake they came to test him! Then, as now, once they put their hands on him all debate was over. No one could do anything to him in person... but there was no venue to discredit him. Now you have the internet. Pot shots, character assassinations, physics debates, athletic debates, credential debates....
All done from the safety of a computer, because in person..well..they know what has happened...what ALWAYS happens.

Personally, I am amused at reading so many people arguing that everyone is supposed to feel the same and actually wanting to feel and move like everyone else, and being happy about it.
I like it. It makes demonstrating the difference so easy.

It is weird since the history of Ueshiba kept referring-over and over- to how he...felt....different.
I haven't met the Shihan yet who has explained what he was doing, why he was doing it, where it came from, and how to do it.
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