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Re: Sometimes you just gotta be honest

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Dear Dan
I am not suggesting anything of the sort.Of course you can possess the attributes of skill, power, character and also have the attributes I mentioned.I am just saying that fighting skills acquisition as far as I am concerned is not the be all and end all.You in common with everyone will physically degenerate , but in other non physical ways you have the ability to improve .If I did not make my point clearly I apologise for this.I trust you are well? Cheers, Joe
Yes. But even broaching the topic in a thread that is singular to an individual on an international forum, without qualifiers, is rather a faux pax and can be viewed as either a tad ignorant, or sly.

I really like Tom Thumb, he is the best cobbler I ever met.
Yes but you know, it doesn't matter how good he is at repairing shoes, some business men are just scurrilous and you don't know what their family history is.....


You never know what you may get against the stereotypical models. It has been my experience that you find grace and truly grand hearts in surprising people. A couple of the roughest, and frankly frightening people I have known, and in other cases some of the toughest and hard bitten people I have know, had been the most endearing, and as it turned out...enduring... long term supportive people I have known.

Interestingly, I have also known the sweet, PC correct, tender people, who turned out to be shallow and self serving, and frankly warm weather friends. And some of the most intellectual, while being entertaining-sometimes I wonder who they entertained more others or themselves- had hearts of stone, and were convenient friends.
Life is full of surprises and the true quality of people is not always gleaned from casual overviews and encounters. Some people are subtle, surprisingly complex, rich, fun, and you should never trust them. Some are all of the above and the best friends you could ever have...and so on and so on. You get the idea.
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