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Lorel Latorilla
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Re: Sometimes you just gotta be honest

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Dear Lorel,
All of these things you state above are related to martial ways.You can have these in abundance , but if imo these factors are all you have and you have no moral , spiritual or ethical dimensions to your life you are in my opinion less than you could be.Regardless how good anyone is at a particular discipline , some where some place there is someone who is faster , stronger and skilled than you.Even if you are indeed the best man around the fact is that you will decline in time.The grave awaits us all.
I have been taught by absolute beginners many truths about life.It is my contention that my own personal aikido development is a combination of tuition by my own teacher and others coupled with interactions by everyone I have ever met on the tatami and in a social environment.You can acquire wisdom for example by talking to a drunk guy in a bar.Refining and enhancing ones own character development I feel is more important than being the 'fastest gun in the west'.
Cheers, Joe
Alright then. I guess the people that gave their testimony are just mighty impressed by his skills, especially as they are related to aikido skills.

Unless stated otherwise, all wisdom, follies, harshness, malice that may spring up from my writing are attributable only to me.
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