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Mert Gambito
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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

I can understand how someone who has dedicated himself to studying aikido and ICMA for a long period of time can conclude that he understands the essentials of aiki / neigong, and raise a furrowed brow toward someone who's insisting there's something measurably profound outside of that understanding.

For what it's worth, I've lived in L.A. and Hawaii, where there are many flavors of ICMA being taught. Interestingly, I've met ICMA sifu who acknowledge that they: a) have wonderful form, balance and technique, but lack the IP/IS they've felt from a select few sifu who can adequately manifest and demonstrate it, and b) during part of the week discretely seek out those sifu with real IP/IS, within their art's lineage or outside of it, while continuing to teach -- as an ICMA expert -- the rest of the week, hoping in due time they'll grow into the reputations they've established. . . .

ChrisHein wrote:
What makes this force? What is the in/yo made up of? Inside of yourself, what forces are you balancing?
Hopefully doom-sayers' interpretations of the Mayan calendar are wrong; and if so, good news! I'm pretty sure, because of the acquaintances you've developed here, and perhaps in the real world with folks who can manifest these things, or can introduce you to those who can, that you will inevitably get your answers. Acknowledging that too much gets lost in the black-and-white nature of internet discussions, when that day happens, I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised at the logical connection and significance between what you already understand and what you will experience. Until that day happens, it's just not worth trying to debate or intellectually dissect from a distance.

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