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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
My advise to you, Chris, is to go out and get lucky. Then come back here with that smile on your face and we can continue the conversation. Any other action on your part can only mean two things: 1) you really are so dense that you just cannot hear what people are saying to you, or; 2) you really are a sophisticated troll. If the former, get some therapy; if the the latter, well, the only thing that comes to mind is from W.C Fields:
"Go away kid, ya bother me"

Your choice - and good luck

After seeing where this thread is going, I think I have to rethink my previous post above:

I am now firmly convinced that there is a number 3 to what is stated above, and that is both 1 and 2 are true!

At this point I would like to exist here with a couple words from a truly wise character: "What a Maroon" - Bugs Bunny

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