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Re: Sometimes you just gotta be honest

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Dear Lorel,
Excuse me for saying this [I know you are being facetious in your comments herein]if kicking someones butt is the yardstick of a great martial artist you are sadly mistaken.I have known Glaswegian dwarves , who when involved in a rammy[fight ] could administer the world renowned Glesca Kiss[ a seriously dangerous head butt].These diminutive hard men did not study I/P/ Chinese Martial Arts or even Aikido.They had bottle[usually a beer bottle -empty of course -joking here] Bottle /courage is needed not fancy Hakamas and twirly ribbons.]
My own judo teacher was 90% disabled.He hobbled along the street.On the tatami , nobody ever threw him in all the years I knew him.He was to us [his students]immovable.
For me a good Martial artist is a person who knows his/her trade , shows compassion and understanding to others and conducts him/herself in a correct manner both on and off the tatami.
If beating someone up is a measure of a martial artist why spend years training in a Do, just carry a big baseball bat or an Uzi? Cheers, Joe
Alright then.

They explained that Dan had the heart, the spirit, the skills, the power, etc. I think they pretty much answered your question.

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