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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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....but you use words in ways that I'm not familiar with. So I'm not sure what it is you are doing. This is why I'm asking for clarification. I claim to be an internal practitioner because I am. I've studied with a known lineage holder, author, translator and authority in Chinese internal martial arts. But you are correct I don't understand your terminology. You use words differently then I would, could you please explain what you mean by the words you use.
If you want to come to an international board and tell the world that you learned internal power, the *jewel* of the internal arts, in a year from a western guy-that's your choice. There are many, many Chinese internal *martial art* masters, who are good athletes Chris. Some (and if you did juuuust a little research you would find out) were widely known as fighters, who were also widely known for not having internal power. And...they became teachers of westerners Chris. And those westerners became? Fighters.
Many who went to China were taught internal martial arts. Very few -almost no one, were taught internals. I have trained with men who were ICMA practioners who spent many years in China; some were clueless abut what I was doing. others knew precisely what I was teaching from what I wrote on the internet before they met me. One a Grand master, not a lineage holder stated that openly at seminars after following my writing on E-budo and Aikiweb. But you, are at a loss.

I met a fellow once. A very famous AIkido Teacher under Ueshiba. He *learned* Aikido and Mastered it as a bone breaking abuser and I watched him dislocate the elbow of a friend of mine.
I met another Fellow who trained under Ueshiba, He *learned* Aikido and Mastered it. He was soft and flowing and I don't think he was able to break an elbow if his life depended on it.
But here they were. Lineage holders. Certified Masters.
Which of them *Mastered* Aikido, Chris?
More importantly which *knew* Aikido, Chris?
I'm sorry if you feel I've slighted you, but if you'd like to share what it is you are doing, here is your opportunity.
*This* is a set-up Chris. Not an opportunity. My opportunites to teach happen when I touch hands with people.
Your words and behavior toward me is spelled out in different forums. Your attitude toward all of us who practice this is known. So, what makes *telling you* what I do, an *opportunity* for me?
I made a lengthy post a ways back answering several questions in one long post. Figure that one out and in a few years you might be able to have a discussion of how to progress with it.

What is it that you have to balance inside of yourself?
It is the basis for all ICMA. It is the very beginning of Ueshiba's aikido. He said so. Without it there is no Aikido. There is no internal..... only techniques and athletic movement.
Any internal guy knows this. Those who only learned the outer forms and never really learned internal power, learned waza and athletics. Thus, they end up thinking that good athletes then know internals too.
What is heaven/earth/man? Six direction training? What is Ueshiba's rowing exercise for? What did he mean by dual opposing spirals?

So here you are. You learned internal power in a year from an expert and now you're an Aikido teacher...and you don't know what Ueshiba was talking about either?
Peace and a safe journey, Chris
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