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Re: Sometimes you just gotta be honest

Thomas Campbell wrote: View Post
Yeah, yeah, but whaddya know. Youse goin' soft in the head wit' da prospect of fodderhood. What dontcha know . . . . about Dan? The stories I could tell ya 'bout da guy . . . . .

. . . . would only reinforce your opinion, so I won't repeat them here. I was just in China, looking for tea not fights, but still got some unexpected training in anyways. On this and past trips, I've had the opportunity to meet some very skilled martial arts practitioners and teachers. I've met and gone hands-on with several hundred from around the world over the past 15 years. No one is better than Dan, as a martial arts practitioner or as a martial arts teacher, in my experience.

I haven't met anyone worse at answering e-mails or returning phone calls, but that is another skill set entirely.
Tom, wow, and this is coming from someone who has touched Vasiliev (and maybe even Ryabko?) and Ark (I think?). I definitely gotta see what this guy is all about! I came to Japan for it seems like all the action is there.

lol @ Dan sucking at emails and returning phone calls

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