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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I answered -on topic- in a lengthy post a ways back with no response
I keep going through that post, but I can't find any answers, just statements. If you would, could you quote where the answer to:

"What makes this force? What is the in/yo made up of? Inside of yourself, what forces are you balancing"

In your post #94 you make more statements about how important duel opposing spirals are, but you don't say what they are, or what forces you are balancing. You say you've explained it before, but you don't explain.

Could you show me the quote where you answer the question? If you don't want to do that could you quickly tell us what a duel opposing spiral is, now?

You do state at length that I should know what you are talking about. But I don't. So I'm asking for clarification now. What do you mean by duel opposing spirals? What are they made up of? Is it an alignment or an energy? What forces are you balancing inside of yourself?

Further, I'm sorry if you feel I put any personal spin on my questions. I'm just trying to understand what it is that you are describing with the words you're using. Could you tell me?

Your questioning me-after insisting you mastered what I do in a year-
Dan I have no idea what it is you do, that's what I'm asking. I have done Chinese internal, so if you're doing that, I'm familiar with it, but you use words in ways that I'm not familiar with. So I'm not sure what it is you are doing. This is why I'm asking for clarification.

Why would you claim to be an internal practioner and then be asking other internal practioners these things, as if they are unrecognizable concepts AND terminology to you?
I claim to be an internal practitioner because I am. I've studied with a known lineage holder, author, translator and authority in Chinese internal martial arts. But you are correct I don't understand your terminology. You use words differently then I would, could you please explain what you mean by the words you use.

I do share what I am doing, Chris.
Great. Could you please explain what makes up the duel opposing spirals? Is it an energy, or an alignment or something else? What is it that you have to balance inside of yourself?

Dan, you do post a lot, but after searching through your posts I only find statements, but no explanations. I'm sorry if you feel I've slighted you, but if you'd like to share what it is you are doing, here is your opportunity-

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