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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
How can you possibly know if I am wrong? I don't care about being right, Lorel. But I don't understand how anyone can possible know what I know having never met me.

I am not sure what a circle jerk is but I know that I do like to discuss things about the Aikido I train in with other people. If that seems wrong to you you could stay off those threads.

A discussion is different from an argument.
I don't have 100 percent certainty that what you know is wrong. Besides, like I said, if you are satisfied with your training and your beliefs, go ahead and do it. But when people are suggesting to you that what you are doing is not Ueshiba's aikido (and there was a particular way that he did aikido), then it becomes an issue of truth, of right and wrong. But since you are not interested in "being right" (and this is not even about proving to others that you are right, but more about the pursuit of truth), then you should not care--as much as you dont care about being right--about being wrong or being told that you are wrong.

"If that seems wrong to you you could stay off those threads."

I do stay off those threads. I never commented once on threads where people discuss how they train. I dont even do aikido.

My suggestion will always be:

"It is simple.

If you feel you have the answers, ignore everyone else and train and do your own thing.

If you feel like there is a nagging thing that wants to make you pursue the truth and that what you are doing is true training, stop debating on the internet, and meet people. If you are not impressed or feel that you didn't encounter anything special, move on and resume the training that you were doing. If you felt there was something more superior and special, take on the new training.

Is it really that hard?"

I suggest you ignore other people if you feel they are burdening you with the feel to be right. Train and do your own thing and stop stressing yourself out over this, Mary. Like Dan says "its just budo!!!"

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