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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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Why can't you just answer the question? You seem to be obsessed with me and what I know. Many have asked me about my training, and I have answered as as fully as I can, why can't you do the same?
I'm simply asking you about your stuff. It might be the same as what I know, but if it is, you're talking about it differently, so I'd like to better understand what you mean by your words.
I answered -on topic- in a lengthy post a ways back with no response but more questions and now personal junk thrown in. What does that say? not intrested in what you know. I have seen you move and generate power. Thank you very much. I am just asking why you...don't recognize or can answer your own questions?
If you are talking about something different then I have done, I would like to better understand what it is you are trying to do.
Your questioning me-after insisting you mastered what I do in a year- is like insisting you are a 5th dan in Aikido and then asking me how to stand in hanmi and do Ikkyo.
Why would you claim to be an internal practioner and then be asking other internal practioners these things, as if they are unrecognizable concepts AND terminology to you?
I'm just asking questions, if you can't or won't answer them, that's fine. But then why does this keep coming up publicly? If you're only interested in working with people at your seminars, then why talk about it openly in a public forum? Do you simply look at Aikiweb as a way to advertise? Or do you really want to share what it is you are doing??
I do share what I am doing, Chris.
After pages and pages of descriptions and discussion, including history, translations, concepts and models...and a few posts back, some layout of my approach....and after travelling and being tested the world over, and after producing students with power you say......I'm only advertizing? Thats like others here stating the people who train with me are gullible, and stupid and all of my efforts are disingenuous.
I think you can do better than to communicate with me this way, Chris.
Also my offer to come to one of your California seminars is still open, if you would like me to come.
Really? This is quite a change from you repeatedly inferring I was full of S#*T and stating you hate me, on other boards. It certainly raised many peoples attention regarding the *sincerity* of your request to meet me.
A remarkable turn around. It might help me to know what changed?

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