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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

There are existing vocabularies for describing "dual opposing spirals," etc. However, different arts may use the same terms to describe processes that aren't quite the same. Some may not be "internal" at all. Confusion ensues.

Even within the category of authetic internal training systems, terminology can be confusing if you try to cross-reference it to the different systems. I am familiar with at least two discrete, genuine internal training methodologies that utilize the same essential body processes for power and "aiki" but which use different training methods to inculcate them and different terminologies to describe them... and some of the terms within each system overlap into the other, but mean somewhat different things to and in those different systems. Again, confusion ensues.

That's one reason why it doesn't pay to talk too much about concepts here. As so many others have said, anyone who wants to understand what the "IP/Aiki" crowd is talking about, should bite the bullet, go out and get his or her hands on one of the known people who trains and teaches those skills. It doesn't matter which methodology you latch onto if it leads to the same summit.

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