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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

I can understand that learning to do something can't be achieved by talking about it. This is why I am such a fan of having a sparring practice in my Aikido. You can never learn to use the techniques of Aikido without actually practicing them when someone is trying to overtake you.

I'm not talking about learning how to do what any "IP" person is doing by simply talking about it. I'm asking to be able to describe what you are doing in order to organize and understand it. Even if you can do something amazing, if you can't explain it, how can you teach others to do it?

For example, if I were a scientist speaking with another scientist about an experiment I just did. I could not give the experience I have from doing the experiment to the other scientist, by talking about it to him. however I could describe the phenomenon to him, because thorough our practice of science we have a common vocabulary. The other scientist still has to do the experiment himself for the experience, but a description is still possible. This description allows him to set up his experiment or know if he had indeed experimented with this himself.

Now we all have different backgrounds, but if we take a small bit of our time, we can create a common vocabulary. With this common vocabulary we can describe what we are doing. That is all I'm asking for. Let's create a common vocabulary.

The reason we keep going in a loop is because no one who is claiming a positive (the there is something different in IP than can be found in athletics) is willing to explain their point of view. Instead you see over and over things like "you should already know" or "it has to be felt" or "Ueshiba said". Those are not explanations, they are statements. Statements begin discussion but what follows must be questions and explanations. I feel the IP community isn't doing that, they are simply making statements over and over.

I'm trying to come up with different ways to ask questions to clarify, but I keep getting statements in return.

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