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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

You learned all this internal stuff in a year, from a guy who became an expert in twelve.
Why are you asking any questions at all?
Then again, since you claim every top shelf athlete knows internal power, why did the famous pro football guy I know topple like everyone else?
Then again, why do all of the Aikido teachers I meet keep failing when we touch hands if you are *experts* in internal power and aiki?

I know the answer. It's stunningly obvious....when there is no keyboard around, but the internet is after all, a great place to be an expert in anything.

So let's talk about it.
What exactly are these duel opposing spirals, that I keep hearing about?
What are they made of?
How do you use them "inside of yourself"?
You already claim to know this.
This is in Taiji and Bagua. You keep telling us you learned *internals* from an expert. I had a physical discussion with three experts in their field who knew this. And FWIW, your teacher's teacher (his expert) bounced his own self off of me in an open room in front of his students when he tried to throw me using waza-I felt no internal power.

Ueshiba made the same comment about the mysteries of aiki being revealed in Dual opposing spirals and he moved using them. So did any number of DR people.
So.....tell us what it is Chris. Why are you asking questions? Why do you need it spelled out for a discussion?

You have stated openly that you think it is alI athletics. That thousands of years of warriors and IMA were wrong. So go be an athlete.


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