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Re: Sometimes you just gotta be honest

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
......It's all a bit weird for me to, now that I am getting out and about. 42 years, reading, researching, and then sweating and freezing in my barn working it, seems to have paid off in some ways. Than again, you have guys here who said they learned all this in a year from an expert in internals (who himself denied being one) so maybe I'm just slow, or as many have told you on're all stupid, gullible, easily impressed (I would live to see someone say that to Bill Gleason's face) and taken in by my excellent "marketing"!!!! ............

I would add here off of something just said to me during a phone conversation with John Clodig (another good friend) talking about what Dan is bringing to the table that he sees what we do being in four general parts or areas, a progression if you will.....these being a) waza, b) principles and movement, c) IP/IS & d) Aiki. John is focusing now on principles and movement, but all are needed to be complete. Waza is just the beginning stage...and waza can fail without the other 3 in play.

Again...go to whatever level you feel comfortable, but understand there is more than just waza.

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