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Re: Sometimes you just gotta be honest

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
Coming from my limited background across the broad spectrum that comes into play in what we talk about here I agree. Dan is the real deal.

And what is even more amazing he is really a nice guy and wants to help. I call him friend also.

There are others (a limited few that are visible to the public) that offer varied approaches going in the same direction that Dan is.......if you are at all interested for any reason...curious, something seems missing, waza is no longer the answer..... whatever the out help. Find someone who fits you and work with them.

It is my believe that a number of others have bits and pieces that are helpful if recognized....the problem here is having enough understanding to recognize these jewels and a "knack" for putting them together in a way that is useful/helpful.

For most of us the best way is to find those folks who have already put it together and if they are willing then get what you can from them by actually being with them....go work with them. If you can go to them figure out how to get them to come to you. Dan came to Southern California the first time because I worked to make it happen (of course the stars alined to make it work...that being Mark) and Dan has been here twice since and we are working to make it four.

Again...Dan is a really good bad so many of you miss this.....

I agree with you. I have a limited expirience in martial arts, but do understand what people like Dan and Sam are doing is different. I was in attendance at the seminar with the 90 year old sensei that Dan was referring to. Even that Sensei who is open about critiquing modern martial arts (Especially Aikido) was in amazement at Dan's abilities. This is a gentleman who has over 80 years of martial arts expirience in Kung fu, AIkido, and Lua. He has been an uke for O-Sensei and a friend of Koichi Tohei( A black belt from Tohei sensei resides at this sensei's dojo). He expirienced O-Sensei's power first hand during his trip to Hawaii in 1961. This Sensei gave Dan the thumbs up on the right path to learning Aiki. I am happy that I got to be there for that.

One little candle can light 10,000 candles- Koichi Tohei Sensei
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