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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Good question, Lorel. Is yours the only answer?

Here is another question: Can we talk about our own path without being told we are simply wrong by someone who has never met us?

AikiWeb to me seems to be about discussion. I like to discuss. I would not say you are wrong and I am right. I like to hear about other peoples experiences. Can that be okay too?
If someone (anyone) tells you that you are wrong (on any subject, any experience, any happening) how do you handle that? Do you check to see if there is any validity in what was said or do you just throw it out like bath water? Even comments from sources I don't like I evaluate to see if there is any merit in what was said.

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
You can, and that's a good venue for a blog, which isn't interactive.

Participating in a discussion opens yourself to the possibility that people will disagree with whatever you happen to be saying - otherwise it's just a mutual agreement party where people secretly disagree behind your back. I prefer the open disagreements.


I think that this is so true.

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