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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

I'm asking Dan to state what he means by this. What I mean/understand/know is not of consequence.

This seems to be a problem I see again and again. If you want someone to understand what you are talking about, you should attempt to clarify for them what you mean. It's a very bad practice, in discussion, to assume someone knows something that might be complex, specialized or specific. It is an even worse practice, when asked to clarify, to simply state "you should already know".

How would we ever communicate with each other if we always approached communication in this way? People use words many different ways. The word is not the phenomenon, it only describes the phenomenon, I'm asking for clarification on how Dan is using his words.

If he doesn't what to answer, just say so. But again, why post publicly about it if you don't actually want to talk about it? I see these same words/phrases over and over, but no one is saying what they are suppose to mean.

"Duel opposing spirals", what does that mean?

What forces are in opposition?

What makes this force?

What are these forces spiraling in/on/around?

How does this phenomenon (duel opposing spirals) make you... Actually I'm not ever sure what they are suppose to make you, stronger, faster, more stable, I'm not sure other then "more powerful" somehow. What do you mean by "powerful"

This is really open to interpretation, how can we talk about something with this level of vagueness and ambiguity? It seems no one wants to explain, just keep stating the same words and phrases over and over. It's very curious.

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