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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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Aiki may be a clash of forces but Aikido as I practice it is not. Aikido (and this thread is up in the Aikido section not down in the other arts) blend, blending blending. No opposition. Especially irimi is blending...that is where the real thing happens when addressed by uke with a strong attack and commited following.
Aikido is never a clash when done correctly...if a clash happens timing is wong, nage is using their head instead of center and more training is needed as always.
Well you are simply wrong Mary. You don't understand what Ueshiba was talking about and his correct use of an older model.
1. What we are talking about-the use of power- is blend and be soft.
2. How he blended required support in the body in order to make in/yo.
He stated that..over and over and over and over.

Interesting enough I spent -yet another weekend- with someone who trained with Tohei and Ueshiba. What did he talk about?
Their power !!
What have others who actually trained with Ueshiba I have met talked about?
His power!!

The fact that most people don't get it in Aikido and they think we are talking about muscle and athletic muscle power is quite evident in the modern Shihans and the way they move. It doesn't mean however that they are right. And why everybody keeps failing when they meet someone who does get what ueshiba was talking about.
It is all about blending, Mary. Not just the way most do it. They simply do not understand in/yo.
Oops...he said that as well.
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