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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Hey Dan,

What makes this force? What is the in/yo made up of? Inside of yourself, what forces are you balancing.

While I would agree, in my training, that achieving a true neutral inside yourself is very important. That neutral being your ability to relax your physical structure so that you have nothing unnecessary (unnecessary tension in the legs, shoulders hips etc) working to support your structure. I wouldn't describe that in the way you do. Can you explain how the duel opposing spirals are used, and what they are made up of?

I would also say the the balancing of forces (in/yo) has mostly to do with you balancing any force that is trying to act upon you, by giving to it. Once you give to the force you may, in some case's flank that force, or redirect that force, or merge with that force. Is this something like what you are talking about?

When I read what you are talking about it comes off like you mean to say that you oppose the force that is coming in. When I personally would say you accept the force that is coming in, while keeping your own structure, then flank, redirect, or merge with that force.

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