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I've recently met a guy who used to do some hapkido. He might take up aikido in our dojo, so just to see what his background is, I did a little google / Youtube search.

It's interesting to note how the two differs - and especially how the difference is being presented by each of the arts.

Reading this:

only makes me more sure that I have chosen the one of the two better suited to me...

All in all it's a fair comparison although I recent where they claim that attacks in aikido are 'styliced' and not as crisp as in hapkido. EG this:
at 1:32 there is a strike towards the head that would not be accepted in my dojo since it stops several inches away from where it is supposed to go. This being a very high ranking instructor he should demand closer contact by uke (the way I understand this type of attack).
However at 3:52 there is a really good example of a throw that I think could be great aikido.

Any thoughts as to the way the two arts have developed? anybody tried both and chosen one for a specific reason?

I can see that for self defence Hapkido might very well be the shorter path, but what really turns me away is the way that the attacker is being treated (as far as I can judge). Pain and aggression is being used way too much in my opinion, but then again.. I'm biased
I call hapkido our ugly cousin. It is not as fluid as what we do. Basically, it is daito-ryu mixed with an old style korean kicking art. I don't know if Choi changed the daito-ryu as Osensei did or if Choi was just not graceful and this tranfered over to hapkido. Don't put too much stock into that comparison list for some places teaches pressure points and demands atemi in their aikido. It's marketing.
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