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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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Hi chris

Is it possible for you to define what tim felt like outside of waza. And what solo exerciese you were given to develop the connected body? This might help decipher if we're discussing the same thing


Tim feels heavy. Way heavier then you would suspect a 150 lbs man to be. I've wrestled with a 350lbs guy who felt lighter then Tim. He also feels relaxed and very moveable, but when you move him you tend to become unbalanced, or fall into a trap of some sort. I'm sure that I've spent well over a hundred hours rolling, wrestling and boxing with Tim. He feels surprisingly powerful, yet in a very fluid and nonresistant way. If Tim lays on you, you often want to tap out from the pressure alone, yet it never feels like he is resisting you, other then being really heavy.

We did lot's of connection exercises. These helped learn how to connect the hands and the center, while grounding or delivering force from the gorund. The idea of movement is whole body power. So if your leg moves, that power comes out your hand. Every class (be that BJJ, Xing yi or Shen wu) started with physical and connection exercises, followed by technique, and then some kind of sparring or free play practice. I also studied the Zhao bao Taiji exercises with Tim. Those develop unbelievable leg strength and flexibility, which makes the power you issue feel kind of strange and shocking.

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