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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
but until physiology can explain both athletic and IP/IS movement, there's no way of knowing.
I don't think we should assume it can't explain both. If we talk about it more I'm sure we can explain what is happening.

If we look at the IHTBF argument, we can see the validity of that argument in the need for experience. But once everyone has had the experience, we still need to understand what gave us that experience. This understanding/explanation can help not only those who have "felt it" but also those who have not had a chance to. It will also enable us to understand if we have "felt it" or if we are talking about something else. I'm a good case in point. I've already taken measures to "feel" what you guys are talking about. But I have also trained for some time with a known internal expert. I would guess I have already "felt it", so I am curious, and want to talk to others about what this "it is". Now after I see one of these fellows in 2013 I'll know for sure, but until then, I'd like to ask questions. I know how I would describe what I call internal, and compare that to what you guys call "IP/IT/IS".

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