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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

I have yet to read the post on "rum soaked fist", but I will.

So if you are not "chain linking" muscles together, then that means all of the power must be coming only from the muscles of the core- or at least the muscles that make up what is called the "dantien". I can't see how those muscle groups alone can manage more power then the localized muscles. If you use them together, I can see how you might edge out a little more strength (by recruiting more power from the psoas iliopsoas etc.). But if we are talking about power from muscular contraction, I can't see how more can be developed in the core of the body alone, without recruiting the localized muscles.

Is there something that is going on beyond muscular contraction? If so, what is generating the power if not muscular contraction?

I'll read that thread, and be ready for the next posts. Thanks guys for a very non-personal, thought provoking thread, thus far!

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