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Re: I sense something.. a presence I've not felt since...

The finger thing happens in my dojo because newbs have the tendency to squeeze and twist at the wrist in sankyo rather than use the locked wrist to control uke's center. We sometimes will fix that by grabbing bokken, telling newb to cut with both index fingers pointing out ONLY TO SEE IF THEY ALIGN THEIR HANDS CORRECTLY, and then have them try sankyo again with index fingers pointing ONLY TO SEE IF THEY ALIGN THEIR HANDS CORRECTLY AND TO SEE IF NAGE'S RELATIONSHIP TO UKE'S CENTERLINE IS CORRECT. But, since sankyo all of a sudden actually starts to work for newb, they sometimes miss the point (so to speak) and think the secret is in the finger pointing.

Same thing happens with nikkyo. And we have a couple top guns who will let you know how wrong you are. I appreciate my sempai.
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