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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
I have more opinions than I have abilities, so no thanks, I'm good.

So we can agree there's more to it than "hand and dantien are connected"?

I have asked at least two times to attend one of his seminars and was refused both times, so that's not going to work...
Hi Joep,

Just to make it known. I have no particular favor towards Dan. I have never met him nor have I experienced his system. But to make it fair, I can understand why Dan would not explain himself online..which some people would interpret as him being evasive.

But I think he refuses to engage people online because I believe he HAS explained himself and to the best of his abilities online, and people have downplayed his knowledge based on what he expressed through words. For some people, the language he uses is not satisfactory and does not meet their standards. For this reason, people have dismissed his work as bunk, without even meeting him. So a lot of these "questions" people ask him online, just look likes like a verbal challenge, one that he will not be able to fulfill because people are always finding ways to make him look like he doesn't know anything (based of course on what they know).

But like Dan says, he has met some heavy hitting top "internal" guys in open can ask
Dan and some others here who have seen those encounters what they had to say about him. you can ask people from those encounters whether or not Dan really has "internal skill" and what those heavy hitters had to say about him. And if you are truly interested in pursuing skill, then go and see him! Don't try engage him in "verbal" challenge by disingenuously disguising it as a "discussion" where you can pursue the "truth" of internal martial arts.

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