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Re: The nescessity of pain for progression in Aikido

You mean the emotional and mental pain? I think that's part of the process of finding aikido's stillness. The same stillness of a tea ceremony or of making a beeline through a crowd. The mindset for training seems (to me) to need just constancy and wholehearted, simplistic dedication and willingness. It occurs to me that if we didn't develop this, then if a situation occurred where we'd need to use our training, we'd get caught up in defeating the other beyond the necessary and proving unequivocally that we're top dog. Rather than just dealing with things as they reach you, with no superfluous energy wasted elsewhere.

I dunno, does this make any sense??

Edit: I re-read the original post and it seems to me that it is actually speaking about physical pain. In that case, If I hurt another, or another hurts me, isn't it all just a sign that we're not as synced with eachother's ability/tolerance/headspace as we could/should be? It's definitely possible to give a realistic attack or defence without causing or receiving pain. And vice versa too.

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