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Krystal Locke
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Re: The nescessity of pain for progression in Aikido

Falling and rolling, at least, shouldn't hurt much at all. Discomfort is just a sign that the fall or roll is not yet correct. And we have the tool of tapping out of techniques, so really, training shouldn't hurt much at all unless I want it to, for some odd reason. Tap early and often out of a technique done correctly, tap if something is going wrong, and there's nothing wrong with tapping before the hurt comes on, if you dont want to feel pain.

I can go pretty far in accepting pain in some situations, self defense, bouncing, some of my other work.... Training isn't really one of those situations. I do aikido because it feels good, not bad.

Any discomfort is my own, and is usually caused by me. The discomfort of having bad knees, the discomfort of taking a decade off and losing a bunch of my ukemi, the discomfort of trying to move through a class with a couple twenty extra pounds....
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